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General Description

Various day to day activities that centre on the spine can take quite a toll on the human body. If not monitored by a certified professional, injuries that we rule out as a minor might end up having a negative effect on our bodies or even turning out to be serious. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Fairfield to offer you effective treatment of injuries of the spine, arms, back, legs, lower back, neck and the entire body in general, Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident and Pain Killer Clinic is the answer. Fairfield and her neighbours have known Dr. Michael Wilson as a qualified chiropractor that they can count on for effective pain relief and treatment of various illnesses of the spine for quite some time now. He believes that the spine is very telling of your current state of health and that a healthy spine is a healthy body.

Detailed Info:

Address:1252 Travis Blvd. Ste. G
Fairfield, CA 94533