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The Animal and Avian Medical Center has been serving Brunswick and the nearby communities for over 15 years. We have 5 experienced veterinarians and 6 registered technicians that are dedicated to helping many species of pets and their people. Our advanced hospital has in-house blood tests (chemistry and CBC) for most species in addition to in-house digital x-ray and a wide range of other diagnostic tests. Up-to-date monitoring equipment and personalized, professional care will make you and your pet feel better as quickly as possible. Always accepting new pets Surgical services - Our veterinarians are highly experienced and we have excellent equipment, so most of our surgeries are done in house. When a case is above our expertise level, we will refer you to an area specialist. Radiology services - We take our own radiographs at our facilities. Occasionally a pet will need sedation for proper radiographs (X-Rays), because even slight movement can blur the picture and some of the positioning may be uncomfortable. Our Brunswick clinic features the latest in DIGITAL X-Ray, and occasionally we send radiographs to the specialists for a consult. Avian Medicine and Surgery - We are one of the rare hospitals that have the equipment and expertise to treat avian patients. Most of the diagnostics, treatment, and surgery for avian patients is done by our staff, but we occasionally refer to specialist when need arises. Pocket Pet Medicine and Surgery - (Rabbits, ferrets, rodents, etc.) All of our hospitals are well equipped and commit to services for these special pets. pocket pets. Pocket Pet Medicine and Surgery - (Rabbits, ferrets, rodents, etc.) Dental Services - We believe that our pets teeth are very important for their overall health. Heart, kidney, and other organ disease can sometimes be linked to periodontal disease, so we recommend cleanings when tarter reaches the gum line. This procedure does require general anesthesia, but we use extremely safe anesthesia. Blood work is taken prior to anesthesia, so that we can choose the safest protocol for your pet. Diseased teeth must be extracted for your pets health, but we may not be able to identify the extent of the problem until the procedure is underway.

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Address:4171 Center Rd
Brunswick, OH 44212
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