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11 Willow Mill Park Rd Mechanicsburg PA, 17050

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The mission of Willow Mill Veterinary Hospital is to promote and protect the human-animal bond by providing the very best health care. We regard dogs and cats as true family members and strive to enrich and enhance the quality of their lives, and the lives of their families, through our commitment to continuing excellence. Regular wellness visits are the cornerstone to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Dogs and cats age much faster than we humans do, but they also cannot tell you when they have aches and pains or minor symptoms of early disease. By the time that our domestic pets show obvious symptoms of their disease, it is often later in the disease process. Wellness visits allow the veterinarian to diagnose problems and diseases earlier, thereby allowing early intervention. Early treatment is usually less expensive and more successful in keeping your pet healthy and happy longer. Wellness visits include a comprehensive physical examination by the veterinarian, life stage and lifestyle specific laboratory tests, and nutritional and behavioral evaluation. The physical examination of your pet includes evaluation of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, teeth, lymph nodes, heart and lungs, abdominal contents, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and skin and coat. Laboratory testing allows the veterinarian to evaluate what is going on inside your pet?s body. Routine laboratory testing may include parasite screening, heartworm testing, urinalysis, complete blood count and chemistry, endocrine testing and more, based on your pets age and lifestyle risks. While we always hope for a clean bill of health, the fact is that approximately 30% of routine wellness testing reveals some abnormality that warrants intervention. Help us maintain your pets health by bringing your pet in for a full physical exam regularly. Pets less than six years old should have a physical exam annually. Those pets greater than six years old, or those with certain medical conditions, should be examined every six months. Dr. Tom Munkittrick has been a veterinarian at Willow Mill Veterinary Hospital since 1996. He enjoys both general animal care and surgery. Dr. Munkittrick attended The Pennsylvania State University where he obtained a degree in Animal BioScience in 1985. He furthered his education and received a master's degree in Reproductive Physiology from Virginia Tech in 1989, and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.Dr. Munkittrick has dedicated much of his time to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, for which he is currently serving as the Immediate Past President. Dr. Munkittrick is an avid P.S.U fan and enjoys boating at Raystown Lake. He also owns a Boykin Spaniel, Harper, and cat, Stewart.

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Address:11 Willow Mill Park Rd
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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