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8967 Oso Ave. Unit D Chatsworth CA, 91311

General Description

Crossroad Auctions: Your one stop auction for finding the items you need, be it collectibles, antiques, tools, vintage, houseware, wholesale, or retail items at the prices you want. Crossroad Auctions is an auction business with a mission. From the start, we began with a goal to save money for our customers by auctioning off items at extremely low prices. We’ve always looked out for the customer, and now we’re looking to improve our customers’ experiences by allowing them to bid from the comfort of their home or mobile device! Our auction is hosted online but bidders can still come into our physical location and inspect the goods while the auction is ongoing (typically 5-7 days long auctions). No need to wait in long lines or wait for hours until the item you want comes up for auction. All of our auctions usually start at the bidding price of just $1 or below. That’s right, one dollar is the starting bid to get you started on anything from a pair a vintage item to any other item you can imagine. All of our items relies on you, the bidders, to pay the fairest prices that you feel an item should go for. Our services include hosting auctions for others at their location as well; we can come in and set the auction up for you, or we can explain to customers how to do it themselves, the last option will reduce the cost to the customer when running their own auctions. Run as a family-owned business in Chatsworth, CA, we’ve created an operation that allows us to help customers find anything from vintage items (such as vinyl records, record players, and more) to appliances and household items. We also auction off bulk quantities. Our low-cost and user-friendly auctions are free to view at any time, and bidding is extremely easy. We even host estate sales and store closeout sales, meaning we provide the items to you at the lowest costs possible and the highest qualities (many items are even brand-new and in their boxes)! Because of the large quantity of items we offer, and because we know sometimes you simply can’t see enough about an item online, we also offer in-warehouse inspections at any time in our warehouse while an auction is running. You can visit our warehouse and get our address through our website:, or by giving us a call at any time at (818) 626-8607. Our dedication to helping customers find what they want and pay only what they think an item should receive has led to our auction business’s growth, and by now providing our auction customers a way to bid entirely at their own convenience (by both computer and mobile phone), we’re ensuring that the customer is catered to in every way. If you so choose, you’ll be notified by email when you’ve been outbid, so you can respond with a higher bid if you’re still interested in the item. When you subscribe to our email list, you’ll get information about upcoming auctions anytime a new one is about to start, and you can view any of our items and their descriptions at any time! Everything we do is always to make the auction experience as easy as possible for the customer. When a customer is looking for a new set of cups for their dinner table, we can provide it. When a customer is trying to find a new, professional camera to use for their kid’s soccer games to have high quality pictures or video, we can provide it. Even customers looking for furniture can find everything from dining tables to living room furniture at extraordinarily low prices in our warehouse and our online auctions! If you need it, we’ve got it. It’s as simple as that. With constantly working staff, Crossroad Auctions is always looking to improve the business through customer feedback and satisfaction, and we’re always making the experience of auctions easy for the customer so they not only save money, but have an easy time doing it. If you’re interested in running an auction using our asset disposition services, please feel free to check our Auction Services page,, or the Past Auctions page to see more examples of what we’ve sold in the past and may sell again! If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions page! You can always feel free to contact us for more information/questions through our Contact Us page, or do one of the following: Email us at Call us at (818) 626-8607. Use the contact form on the Contact Us page

Products Carried

Our auctions usually contain a variety of items, from electronics, home goods, furniture, appliances, tools, toys, shoes, home decor, electronics, home appliances, medical equipment to a multitude of items from our estate auctions including original art! All at amazingly low prices!

Detailed Info:

Address:8967 Oso Ave. Unit D
Chatsworth, CA 91311

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