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***The Sunset Animal Clinic Pledge:*** We Pledge, -To bring the animal-human bond closer together. -To provide your pet with the highest quality of medical care. -To always care for your pet as if it were our own. -To provide the newest technology and treatments available. -To respond in a rapid, sensitive and non-confrontational manner to requests that will enhance you and your pets visits. -To provide prompt, friendly, and courteous service by a knowledgeable and high-trained staff. -To promote diversity and respect for all human differences. -To assure you of a clean and comfortable environment. -To provide you with an experience that will encourage you to return. -From, Dr. Labavitch and everyone here at the Sunset Animal Clinic. **Grooming: We now have our new groomer Natalie who is here and available to provide all the grooming services you may need. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We provide grooming for both cats and dogs. We work with special need, senior, and hard to handle pets as well. We require all pets to be current on their vaccinations, see general care for our requirements. As part of the grooming we do clipping if needed, bath, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and external expression of the anal glands. If you elect to add the Spaw package we use a special shampoo, hair coat conditioner, and brush the teeth. It is important to maintain some general grooming at home, such as trimming your pets nails, brushing their hair, and bathing. Some breeds require more maintenance. Pugs, bulldogs, or other flat faced breeds require the facial folds to be cleaned regularly and depending on the pet some require it daily. The flat faced kitties also require this maintenance as well. Long hair pets require brushing daily or matting will be a concern. Grooming on some pets involve getting the pets hair cut on a regular basis. These are time commitments and financial commitments. These are very important factors to consider before adopting a pet. Before you adopt a pet you should research the breed to make sure you are a good fit with the needs of the breed. **Dental Care: Dental care for your pet is just as important as it is for you. The bacteria in your pets' mouth can cause problems with their internal organs, such as their heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen. Keeping your pets teeth is a big part of keeping your pet healthy. Proper diet, treats and brushing are an important part of the care of your pets' teeth, however even with proper care a dental cleaning will be necessary. A dental cleaning for your pet is essential done in the same manner as your teeth are done, however your pet will be under anesthesia. The teeth are scaled, polished and a fluoride treatment is applied. We do offer a sealent for your pets' teeth. We apply the first treatment at the end of the dental cleaning. There is also a take home kit in which you can apply to your pets' teeth. Proper care after a dental can prolong the time between dental cleanings. Because the dental cleaning is done under anesthesia we would recommend some blood work, to help reduce certain risk factors. Some breeds, medical conditions or the pets age we would require blood work. We want to make sure we do what we can to ensure the safety of your pet. **Boarding: We do provide boarding as a service. To ensure the safety of all pets, we require all pets to have an exam each time they come in for boarding. We only charge for one exam but we examine your pet multiple times during their stay with us. We also do an exam before they go home, because of this exit exam all pets are able to go home after 10:00am on their departure date. We also require all vaccinations to be current. If your pet was vaccinated with another facility we do require proof. We require vaccinations to be given by a veterinarian. All of our vaccination requirements are listed in the general pet care area. We walk the dogs 4 to 5 times a day. We give each cat exercise time individually each day. Medications are dispensed as needed and charged by the number of treatments a day. Please bring your pets medication at the time of check in, if needed a new prescription will be dispensed. Also if your dog or cat is on a specific diet or has a sensitive stomach please bring in their own food. We feed Science Diet or Iams Veterinary Formulas. Personal items are welcomed; we do ask that any bedding be completely washable. We want to make their stay as comfortable as possible. **Nutrition: You should feed your puppy enough of the proper food to meet its energy needs. Use the feeding guide on the label as a starting point. Measure the dry food with a measuring cup. Adjust the amount to maintain optimum body weight. Amounts may vary depending on age, size, activity level, temperament, environment and health. At every veterinary visit, discuss your puppy's body condition, diet and amount of food you're feeding to ensure your puppy's best health. Just like people, every dog has unique nutritional needs based on age, health and activity level. It's important to choose your dog food according to your pet's age and lifestyle because of the biological changes your dog will go through.

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Address:14740 NW Cornell Road #20
Portland, OR 97229

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